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Steam Table

Product Description

The new CDG Open Pit Stainless Steel Steam Tables are built in 304 Stainless Steel and can fit up to 8 wells. 

Each unit is built to handle the most difficult kitchen environments and has dedicated control switches to set the desired temperature. Available both with electric or gas heaters. 

Available Wells Dimensions: 12”W x (20”L – 27”L – 30”L) x 6”D (pans not included).

Addons: Stainless Steel front panel, plastic cutting boards, Curved Glass Sneeze Guard kit, LED light, Warmer, Wooden panels, granite finishes (Feel free to ask)

Special discounts on getting the Steam Tables with our Curved Glass Sneeze Guard kit.

1-Year-Limited-Warranty to ensure it meets your expectations.

Made in USA.

Technical Specs

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